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Contribute by adding the toilets you know


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Human friendly

Intuitive and simple to use

Effortless Contribution


Community matters and that's every one of us


Share with others the toilets you know


Adjust toilet's data instantly


Report if it does not exist or that is a temporary closed

Human Experience

100% Accessibility

About 50+ million people have overactive bladder. As many as 30% of men and 40% of women in the United States live with OAB symptoms.


Most people would like to know in advance if a toilet is suitable

Parents & babies

Parents often need toilets that can support care for their babies

Bladder issues

People with bladder issues need instantly a toilet around them

And many more cases we thought about...

Healthy Experience

Stay Healthy

Did you know that not going regularly or postponing going to the toilet can cause long term health issues?

It can affect your digestive system, or getting a urinary tract infection (UTI), weaken bladder muscles and many more.


Visit a toilet whenever you need
and wherever you are


Plan your toilet visits in advance
if you want to


Drink water and stay hydrated
without being nervous again

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