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Free/ Non-free

Decide whether you search for free toilets or not

Accessible Entrance

See the toilets which are wheelchair friendly

Out with children

Filter for toilets which has a nursing room/ table


Gender Separated

Shows you the toilets which are gender separated

Clean & Green

Customers feedback shows the cleanness of each toilet

Working Time

Opening schedule of the toilets around you


Future planing before your trip has started

We provide you with a feature to search for toilets in cities all over the world from the location you currently are.

How does it work?

- Navigate on the map and zoom enough till you see on the top of your mobile screen an orange button saying: "Search this area" as show on the screenshot and press it.

Terms and Conditions

We respect your privacy and we will inform you for any action we take regarding your data. All we do is with purpose security and excellent UX interaction.

Do we know who you are?

- No. The usage of the app is completely anonymous. We do not have any customer's personal private data nor require such.

How to become part of peeQwiq patrons? Check our Campaign
Is it possible the pee's color to be blue?